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Gentle Care For Children of All Ages

Dr. Young provides extra gentle care to children of all ages, and our staff provides such a positive experience to our patients that many of them are excited about their upcoming dental visit! Young Kidz offers preventative care, mercury-free white colored fillings, sealants, nitrous, in-office sedation, thumb-sucking and pacifier treatments, early orthodontics and special needs care. At Young Kidz, we truly want the best for your child during office visits, procedures, and the healing process, making our team of dental professionals one of the few child-sedation dentists offices in the Portland and Clackamas areas

Due to the patient’s age, extent of dental decay, and/or level of anxiety during his or her visit, some of our young patients require their dental treatment to be completed while they are either fully or partially sedated using laughing gas. In the past, this kind of treatment was restricted to a hospital setting which was inconvenient and often expensive. Now, medical anesthesiologists can bring their anesthesia supplies and equipment directly to the Young Kidz Dental office providing a safe, reliable, and cost efficient service for our young patients. Nitrous oxide is a very common, effective sedative used to calm children during their dental care visits if it is perhaps their first visit or if they are nervous about an upcoming procedure; it is safe, well tolerated, non-allergic, and the patient is usually fully conscious and able to respond to questions or requests during their dental care appointment. It has a rapid onset, is reversible, and can be adjusted to various treatment concentrations.

We recommend that some of our young clients use nitrous oxide during their visit for various reasons, but no matter the issue, our anesthesiologist will individually evaluate each patient’s medical needs and determine the most appropriate type of anesthesia for your child. The anesthesiologist will also provide continuous monitoring during your child’s treatment and give all of the appropriate pre- and post-operative care for the complete treatment of your child. Prior to your child’s appointment, we advise you to inform your kids a bit about their upcoming procedure and how the laughing gas will be used to calm your child before their arrival so that they will not feel pain or discomfort during their visit.

At Young Kidz, we offer one of the best child sedation dentists in the Portland area by using a blend of nitrous oxide and oxygen delivered through a nasal mask and absorbed in the lungs. Nitrous oxide is also called “laughing gas” because it creates a sense of calm well being and happiness; it also reduces the gag reflex and gently numbs the teeth and gums so that your child can relax and not feel any pressure during their dental cleaning or dental procedure.

As pediatric dentists, we monitor the child’s facial, jaw, and tooth development from a young age; therefore, we can spot or predict developing malocclusion such as bite problems, crooked or crowded teeth and intervene to guide the teeth properly as they grow into your child’s mouth, which is why at Young Kidz Dental, we offer a variety of proactive measures to prevent possible future dental care problems. We administer space maintainers which are appliances custom fit to your child’s mouth to hold open the empty space left by a lost tooth. This will prevent the remaining teeth from tilting or drifting into the empty space causing future orthodontic problems. You also have the option to prevent minor tooth movement with removable appliances and retainers that are custom fit to quickly and comfortably move specific teeth into proper alignment. Many kids also require some sort of bite correction. Young Kids Dental recommends appliances that are temporarily cemented into your child’s mouth which expands the upper palate to correct crossbite problems.

No matter the issue, at Young Kidz Dental we offer solutions for your child’s dental care in the Portland and Clackamas areas. Whether one of our young clients needs dental hygiene for kids, kids orthodontics, laughing gas for kids, or simply a routine dentist visit, Young Kidz will work to make the dentist a positive experience for kids!We offer general and pediatric dental services from highly trained dental professionals. If you would like to find out more information about dental laughing gas for kids or types of dental procedures, our team invites you to Call us today to make an appointment for your child!