Cosmetic Dentistry

There are several causes of discolored front teeth including dental trauma, excessive fluoride, severe childhood illness, certain medication use, or poor hygiene during braces.

Teeth bleaching is the simplest treatment to whiten teeth since it can be done at home and requires no anesthetic or tooth removal. The dentist can customize the time, frequency, and concentration of bleaching material to best suit the age of the child and extent of the condition.  It comes in convenient pre-filled disposable bleach trays for ease and comfort.

ICON Resin Infiltrate is a new dental procedure to improve the appearance of white spots (decalcifications) or white/yellow/brown developmental spots on tooth surfaces.  Decalcifications are “pre-cavities” and if left untreated can progress into dental cavities that would then require traditional restorative treatment.

With the ICON Resin Infiltrate there is no need for removal of tooth structure (no drilling) and no anesthesia.  The goal is to arrest the progression of early cavity lesions. In one visit the placement of the infiltrate can penetrate the teeth surfaces to preserve enamel structure and return the color of the teeth to their natural state.

Finally, more severe tooth discolorations, as seen in enamel fluorosis or tetracycline staining, might require white fillings or veneers to mask the color.