Kids Dental Care

When Should My Child First Visit a Dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that regular dental care begin around one year of age.

What Can My Child Expect During The First Visit with Dr. Young?

Your child’s first visit to our office will include a comprehensive medical history review along with a thorough dental exam.

The exam will consist of an evaluation of the teeth and gums, a head and neck exam, and a preliminary orthodontic evaluation. We will determine if any x-rays are needed, and discuss if a cleaning and fluoride treatment will be done at that time. We will then review our findings with you in detail, and design a treatment plan to fit your child’s needs. Most importantly, a program of preventive home care will be discussed and reviewed.

Extensive Services and Benefits

Young Kidz Dental serves kids from Clackamas, OR, Portland, OR, and surrounding areas, providing a variety of services to children of all ages. These services include: Preventative Dental Care, Restorative Treatments, Early Orthodontics, and Cosmetic Dentistry. Depending on the patient’s needs, Young Kidz Dental even provides Nitrous Oxide and Sedation in order to make sure that your child’s experience is relaxing and anxiety-free. Additionally, our children’s dentist Dr. Todd Young, DDS, is specially trained in specific areas of pediatric dentistry, including child psychology and behavior management. Staff are also specially trained in many areas of dentistry for children, namely child-appropriate communication and behavior management techniques. This special training allows YKD to provide the best and most inclusive care to all of our patients, including patients with special mental, physical, and emotional needs. Dr. Young and his caring and gentle dental assistants work diligently to ensure each and every child is given the best care possible and to accommodate any special needs your child may have.

Ensured Patient Safety and Comfort

We understand that when it comes to the variety of services and treatments that YKD provides, an engaging and entertaining atmosphere can help our young patients to feel more comfortable. Young Kidz Dental strives to be a fun dental office for kids and to combat the fear of the normal ‘dentist office feel.’ Here at YKD, we take the extra steps to make patients and their parents feel at ease with private, themed examination and treatment rooms. These themed rooms include: underwater, beach, dinosaur, rainforest, and park themes. Our office also provides toys, books, fish tanks, and kid-friendly television shows to entertain our young patients and to make visiting the dentist more enjoyable and even something to look forward to!

In addition to making sure our rooms are aesthetically pleasing and fun for our patients, Young Kidz Dental ensures the comfort and safety of our pediatric patients through our excellent in-office equipment and facilities. We provide all of our treatments and services using modern equipment and sterilization facilities so that there is no doubt that your child is receiving the best care.

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Our wide-ranging and inclusive services, dedication to patient safety and comfort, and specially trained staff make Young Kidz Dental an excellent choice for anyone searching for a kids dentist in the Portland, OR, area. We look forward to making your child’s next dental appointment with us the best experience yet! Request an appointment with Young Kidz Dental here.