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What Makes Us Unique?

Our Clinic

What makes us unique?Our clinic is designed for children. Our underwater, beach, rain forest, and park theme rooms provide a relaxed, non-clinical atmosphere. TVs, videogames, and toys in the treatment areas add an extra dimension of fun and entertainment. We have modern dental equipment and sterilization facilities to ensure comfort and safety.

Our Staff

Our staff is dedicated to the oral health of children. We are highly trained in all aspects of pediatric dentistry including child-appropriate communication, and behavior management techniques. We are confident you will find our staff to be caring, gentle, and competent and are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Our Services

Undergoing dental treatment is not always an easy thing for children. Often the most difficult part of a dental visit is the child’s anxiety, and resultant negative behaviors. As a pediatric dental facility, we can provide various behavior management options such as child appropriate communication, voice control, nitrous oxide, or sedation to minimize these anxieties.