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Update on COVID-19 / March 23,2020

Hello families,

Here is the latest update! Last week, the Governor of the State of Oregon, Kate Brown, issued an Executive Order saying that:

” No later than March 23, 2020 all elective and non-urgent procedures across all care settings that utilize PPE​ (Personal protective equipment) , including but not limited to, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, outpatient clinics (including community health clinics and student health centers), dental clinics, and veterinary clinics, shall be cancelled, or rescheduled no earlier than June 15, 2020, for the purpose of conserving and redirecting PPE for the state’s COVID-19 emergency response.”

Unfortunately, this means that we will be closed for ​the next 3 months. ​We know this is a major inconvenience for you and your family and a huge burden on our office and staff​, but we realize that ​this is the best way to protect our whole community. Our ​emergency medical staff on the front lines of the COVID 19 battle need masks/gloves more than we do ​right now. Teeth cleanings ​and fillings can wait, ​but patients with respiratory distress cannot. We will have staff in periodically so please feel free to call our office and leave a message. Someone will get back to you as soon possible. If you have an appointment scheduled between now and June 15th, we will be in contact to try and reschedule for this summer.

In the mean time, we ​will try to address any dental emergencies your children might have. We want you to use the emergency rooms only for extreme dental trauma situations. If your child is a patient of record and experiencing tooth pain, please call our office and follow the prompts to talk with ​me or a staff member directly. There are very strict guidelines on what we will be allowed to do but we will do everything we can to help your child in ​this trying time.this time being.

We are hoping that we can all come together, comply with the recommendations​, and put this ​difficult time behind us. We will miss you! Stay home, stay healthy!

Best Wishes,
Todd Young, DDS and the staff of Young Kidz Dental